5 Absolute MOM TRUTHS

The Deep, Nitty-Gritty Parts Of Parenting


By offering truth and honesty, I hope to reach out to those mommas who can relate for some reassurance and support! 


Let’s jump in and count down my 5 absolute mom truths!


Are you a mom that makes weekly home-cooked meals and makes nutrition a high priority for your children? Great! Me too! It still doesn’t mean that from time to time we are terrible moms for pulling through a fast food drive-through!  I’ve thrown quite a few french fries back to my son in the backseat. Guess what? THAT’S OKAY! I feel like there is so much judgement today. We are embarrassed to get caught eating these types of foods, yet we are quick to post our healthiest dish of fresh veggies or quinoa!

Well, that’s why this post is a meaningful one to share this week. Just my take, but I am a mom who makes great, nutritious meals for my family. Yet, sometimes I have NO problem indulging on quick, fried GOODNESS on the go. No shame mommas!

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This is a big one. Told you I’d be CALLING out some good mom TRUTHS! Okay, there are many articles and information about negative, real effects that screen time has on the developing brain. These articles interest me very much. I am always open to a good read and knowledge regarding my children’s health and wellness. With that being said, my family and I personally believe some television will not have long lasting/negative affects on our children. As in most things, in moderation and supervision!


This seems to be one touchy topic.

I absolutely admit to turning on a television program for my son when I am trying to get things done around the house. My family and I also sort of categorize television differently than tablets and cell phones. Our son rarely touches our phones. I say rarely for 2 reasons: First, we want him to understand it is our personal, ADULT belonging. Second, I say rarely; not never, because every once in a while in public we DO let him watch a program if he is beside himself. 

My logic: communicate, communicate, communicate; BUT… don’t give yourself a migraine that you can’t come back from mommas! If you’re just havin’ a day then pick and choose your battles! Know that you’re doing an awesome job


VERY controversial- So I am by NO means encouraging co-sleeping. Rather, just sharing our experience and the general judgement that comes along with it. In fact, I encourage new mommas (or mommas-to-be) to look at options like bedside sleepers, soft-sided bassinets, or whatever a professional physician recommends.

Click here to learn more about official recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics. 

Now that we cleared that up, I’ll admit that we co-slept with our son. He recently turned 3 and just began transitioning to his big boy bed. I literally can’t take the mid-night kicking any longer! It’s long overdue to say the least. BUT, he was our first.

Our Feelings…

We were beyond paranoid about him being in a separate room as a newborn. We felt comfort in having him next to us; bonded & aware. Now, having another 6 month old, guess what? Our 6 month old is already in her crib in her own room! Haha! Maybe it’s a new first parent thing? I’m not sure. Looking back, I can certainly see the dangers in it, which is why we are not repeating with our daughter. Regardless, no judgement! You can prepare as much as possible for becoming a new parent, but when it actually happens it’s certainly overwhelming! 


Ouch. Another touchy topic. I don’t have the answers, that’s for sure. I’ve tried MANY tactics when it comes to disciplining my 3 year old toddler. My husband and I generally stay on the same page, but sometimes it’s hard. Do you believe in spanking for those moments of intentional bad behavior? Reward positive behavior? Bribery? Timeout? Do you yell? Honestly, we have tried a little bit of everything. I’ve strayed away from the spanking method in my house, mostly because I don’t want to MODEL anger or aggression. I DO want my son to know he is valued and respected. 

Mommas, we absolutely want to show our children that we respect them. However; we also need to set rules, guidelines, and teach them to respect others too. It’s straight HARD.


Tonight my son splashed in the tub (BIG time splashed. Like… tsunami style splashing) REPEATEDLY, before I eventually gave up and raised my voice. How many times do I say, “Stop please.” “We splash in a pool, not in the tub.” “Little splashes.” “Little splashes.” **Thinking to myself, ‘hmm, how can I redirect? How can I redirect?’ 3 minutes felt like 3 hours tsunami style. As my clothes were now drenched I yell…  “I said little splashes.” “LITTLE SPLASHES.” “AHH STOP IT!!!!” 

All I can say is good luck mommas. I’m working on this threenager phase. Whoever created the phrase “terrible-twos” definitely made a TYPO. We are in the terrible-threes and that makes MUCH more sense. Our pediatrician explained something that resonated with us. She said, “A two year old still wants to please mommy & daddy. A three year old only wants to please his/herself.” TRUTH! 


We want our children to thrive, learn, prosper. We want them to be educated, kind, healthy. These are ALL true. We have the best intentions for our children. We have the best intentions everyday, all-day. Well, here’s where I dive into the nitty gritty. ALL-DAY? Okay mommas. Sometimes we need some time for OURSELVES. Yes, sometimes I simply DON’T want to give them my full complete devoted attention. Heck, sometimes I literally hand over the baton to my husband and take myself to my bedroom for some quiet! 

I admit it.

We need breaks. Some days we go-go-go and have JAM packed hours full of entertaining these little energizer bunnies we call our children. The TRUTH– It’s exhausting. The TRUTH– sometimes we wish we could pee ALONE.

Now, please don’t get me wrong … It’s absolutely adorable when my child wants to be by my side. I fully acknowledge that they are attached because they want to learn! (for the most part) They want to help! They want to show us they are big girls & big boys. Yes, that’s the affirmation that we are doing a great job raising a tiny human being. BUT, we still dream about quiet moments of sipping our coffee ALONE. Totally okay!

As previously stated, I certainly don’t have the answers to parenting, but I can share MY perspective and my truth. I hope it resonates for any stressed out mommas out there. You are NOT alone! Feel free to reach out to me as I would love others perspectives as well related to these 5 absolute mom truths! 

Thanks for reading!
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