Erin here! Momma of two beautiful little ones. Ultrasound technologist, military wife, expedition seeker, truth sharer, coffee lover & mediocre dancer. Well, I try. What can I say? I’m a mom-of-all-trades… but a master of none. Yes, I thoroughly enjoy learning and trying many entities of life.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be a college student -of say- 8 different majors combined? Dabble in a bit of everything? Well, even if that WAS possible .. we would certainly pay for it. (As if student loan debt isn’t soaring enough.) So … venture into new projects on your own! If you succeed- fantastic! If you fail- nothing to lose, right? Anyway …


I am here to share thoughts, experiences, perspective & great finds! Basically, anything and everything- ALL THINGS MOM!

You’ll read weekly blogs, all identified within one of four main categories: Self-Love, Baby/Toddler Love, Cravings Love or Travel! I love to offer and receive perspective from others!

As a military family, we are New Jersey native, but currently Massachusetts transplants!

Thank you for reading and spending some time with me. Check in for updates as I am excited to begin this journey with you all!

You can find my instagram, youtube channel, and even find me doing ridiculous things on tik-tok @ MommaBearErin. 

For now .. Momma Bear Erin has some diapers to change and laundry to fold. Well, maybe I’ll fold the laundry tomorrow.
Goodnight mommas!