Best First Baby foods

Our personal favorite firsts!

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   Hey Mommas! I wanted to share some of our favorite first baby foods. We love making fresh purees for my littles, although we DO buy store-bought jarred foods for back-up too. I’ll share some great benefits to making homemade foods! If there is ever a question regarding allergy or readiness for your baby, check with your pediatrician as this is not professional medical advice. In our experience, these are some best first baby foods, for OUR littles! Scroll further for some great MOM FINDS when it comes to everything cooking for baby!

Best First Baby Foods- Our personal experience!


Applesauce is, generally across the board, a first baby food staple! With our pediatricians approval, we started our littles on homemade applesauce by 4.5 months old! Not only is applesauce naturally sweet and yummy, it aids in digestion which is amazing for babies (especially during those tough constipation times). For all, apples optimize gut bacteria and inflammation control. They can heal and regenerate any upset stomach. Scroll down to check out a great baby food processor for making homemade purees!

best first baby foods

Sweet Potato Puree

YUM. Sweet potato lover here! This is an amazing first baby food! With our go-ahead from our pediatrician, we started this around 5.5. months of age. They are high in beta carotene/vitamin A, and a solid content of vitamins C & E. Sweet potatoes strengthen immunity and provide the GOOD calories that babies need. They are loaded with calcium, iron and fiber, which will also aid in digestion! 

When our baby was ready, we added some spice to our sweet potato puree. A touch of cinnamon can make a difference in expanding a babys palate! Furthermore, we thickened the mixture as time progressed and as our little one was ready. Now, our baby girl is 8 months old and we boil chunks of sweet potato for her. We moved from the puree to the boiled, SOFT chunks that will help her grow into the solid stage.

best first baby foods
  • Personally, we utilized store-bought jars of baby food to expand her taste buds with things we wouldn’t make homemade. For instance, pears, peaches, beets, pumpkins, etc. are all great options that we introduced our little one to. If you can make everything homemade- GREAT. If not, supplement with jars! No judgement here! Also, some purees are more difficult to create the perfect texture. Some fruits & vegetables below are created with a thicker texture! So I will share the age/staging, but as always check with your pediatrician for readiness!


Bananas notably contain a high amount of vitamins, minerals, and that essential electrolyte potassium! They are a great first baby food as early as 4-6 months of age. Bananas can be made smooth, with increasing thickness/texture as baby progresses in readiness and staging. As depicted below, we recently stopped pureeing bananas and just mashed with a fork! Our little girl is 8 months and loving grabbing chunks of banana with her hands! 

Best first baby foods


We introduced our little one to carrots around 6.5 months of age. Aside from the health benefits of beta carotene/vitamin A, phytochemicals and fiber, carrot puree can be combined with other purees to make such yummy varieties. For instance, we make a thicker carrot puree-base. We combine it WITH applesauce and add a dash of nutmeg! As most pediatricians would typically recommend, assure the baby does well with one food at a time. 

best first baby foods
best first baby foods


My FAVORITE! Avocados are full of monounsaturated fat, the GOOD fat! They are loaded with the food carbs and proteins that aid in babies brain & general growth development! More specifically, they contain vitamins like B, K, C, E and micronutrients like potassium and phosphorus. Avocado has anti-inflammatory properties, many antioxidants and anti-microbials! This is another fruit that you can make smooth in the beginning, with increasing thickness with readiness!

best first baby foods


We loved introducing our littles to pastina as a new texture and “first solid” around 7 months of age. This small pasta form can be cooked in boiling broth (vegetable or chicken). After straining and cooling, we fed our baby some pastina straight AND also mixed in some carrot puree. As with many pastas, wheat flour and egg may be active ingredients so ALWAYS check with your pediatrician. With the approval, these tiny pastas can be a great addition to recipes for added texture variety!

best first baby foods
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If you make a purchase from below, I may receive a small commission (at no additional cost to you). I only ever endorse products that I have either personally used or truly believe in. Hopefully, you can grow to trust and value these finds as I LOVE sharing with you mommas! Thank you for your support! Full disclosure here.

  • MUST-have with making homemade baby food! We are obsessed with our Baby Brezza processor. It STEAMS & PUREES. ALL-IN-ONE. Makes life so much easier mommas : ) 
  • Loving these adorable and colorful glass storage containers! Set of ALL 12, 4oz and freezer safe! 
  • A bit random, but I can’t live without my Munchkin net feeders! Add frozen fruits in the net, allowing for baby to suck on a tasty treat at a young age! 
  • Get these adorable MINI spatulas- perfect for getting every last ounce & scrape out of your baby food processor! 

Hope you enjoyed some of my own personal favorite foods for my babies! As always, check with your pediatrician regarding allergy or readiness concerns. Love your babies, do your BEST and reflect on your blessings.

Have a great week mommas. Stay safe in these trying times!

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