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Bunny Bean-Bag toss, Alphabet Hunt & coloring activity

Stay Strong

So far, this year has certainly sent us all in a whirlwind. With social distancing in place, many of us are all cringing at the thought of not spending Easter with families. However, we are trying to stay positive and remember we are healthy when others haven’t been so blessed. Here, you will find some fun toddler activities and Easter games to keep you distracted; or at least provide some holiday spirit for your little ones! Check out our YouTube channel to see our son dive into these fun Easter games. If you don’t already know, he is a three year old!

First Activity

Let’s jump in and get to my FAVORITE, which is the bunny bean-bag toss. This only took about 1 hour to make. I literally found a large cardboard box in our basement. (Remember, the outside can have whatever writing/design on it because you can use the inner, blank side). Leave the top and bottom flap pieces so it stands well. You can’t quite see in the picture, but it is stable due to the bottom flap on the ground, while the top flap leans against the wall. 

Next, draw a bunny. Yep, that’s it! It doesn’t have to be perfect. Cut out a mouth and a belly for two holes for the bean bags. Outline the bunny with a permanent marker. Color some cute ears. Draw some colorful polka dots around him. That’s IT! As far as bean bags go, we already had a pair from another game; however, you can get creative while we are stuck inside mommas. You can use a few pairs of rolled up socks! Who cares? Your toddler will love it. The best part is that we plan on keeping this in our basement for next year.

Second Activity

Make this an Easter game by “practicing” to search for puzzle pieces, like when the Easter bunny comes to hide Easter eggs!

Use puzzle pieces to HIDE around the house. Specifically, we utilized ALPHABET puzzle letters to work on letter recognition. The same concept can be applied with numbers, shapes, etc. Before starting, I drew the letters of the alphabet on some construction paper. I hid all the puzzle letters and instructed my son to find 1 letter at a time to match to the correlating one on the paper.

He was ecstatic to search for the puzzle letters. Also, he was certainly proud to match every piece and complete the whole activity. Now, trust me when I say that he got MOST of them wrong. It is one thing for a toddler to sing the ABC’s, but it’s another to truly recognize the letters. That’s why this is a perfect activity to practice these skills! 

Third Activity

Our activity mornings typically end with some arts and crafts after he exerts that high toddler energy. We colored a fun printout you can get here! An Easter egg consisting of inner shapes. Of course it would be ideal for my toddler to follow the exact “color rules” and create this beautiful masterpiece of a picture. Mommas, we know that’s never the case with a three year old. Take their lead and allow them to create how THEY choose to create. As a result, my son held five markers in one hand and designed “squiggly lines” all at once. So be it!

I hope you enjoy these Easter games! Love your babies, do your BEST and reflect on your blessings. Have a great week mommas. Stay safe in these trying times!

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