Postpartum and diastasis recti

my postpartum journey

     Hey Mommas! I’ve taken a bit of a break. I’ve been diving into some exciting new ventures! Also, I am ready to share my postpartum experience and put it into writing. Please feel free to reach out to me personally any time. Social media links are above, as well as my personal email: [email protected] Here is my experience with postpartum and diastasis recti.

To start in a bit of a vulnerable place, I’ll share that I was my heaviest at the end of my second pregnancy. I reached 205lbs and had my daughter via c-section in September 2019. 

While not being conscious of my diet throughout pregnancy and caving to the nightly bowl of ice cream, I potentially put myself at risk for what I didn’t know at the time: an absolute nightmare post-delivery

Postpartum and diastasis recti

Postpartum & Diastasis Recti

I could probably write a novel about every second of my experience, but I will make an attempt to summarize efficiently. The night after delivering my daughter via c-section, I began vomiting profusely. Just a few hours prior, I had only ate a small spinach salad and 1/2 a sandwich. Well, something wasn’t right. 

Late night X-ray revealed my intestines had shut down with the spinal/epi medication given to me during c-section, so my bowels literally “fell asleep” and couldn’t process what I ate prior that evening. It’s called a bowel “ileus.” Rare amongst young people without any known health issues. Unfortunately, my intestines got a bit sleepy and I was in for a world of hell. 

An nasogastric (NG) tube was placed (WHILE AWAKE). Yea, that was fun. Over the course of the next few days, it finally withdrew the bile & acids that my body could not properly digest, and my stomach finally decompressed. You could literally play the DRUMS on my stomach prior. I was feeling much better. THINKING I was out of the woods, I was discharged & went home with my new baby. 

Postpartum and diastasis recti

Less than 1 week later, I woke up one morning in debilitating pain. The memory of the pain still haunts me. My fingers were contorted from the pain;  I could barely move my body an inch. My husband called an ambulance and I was back in the hostpial. This time, CT revealed a 4cm abdominal  hernia with 1 ft. of intestines trapped. I had an incarcerated hernia. The risk of these becoming strangulated, losing blood supply, and perforating is SO real that emergency surgery was needed within just a few hours. My husband was at home with the babies, my family in New Jersey. Yea, imagine my reality while being rolled into pre-op. 

Thankfully, bowel resection was NOT needed and it was all salvaged. Surgery went well and I woke up with a vertical scar from above my belly button down to my horizontal, pelvic c-section scar. Yes, I’m almost an ANCHOR! 30 staples, another 5 days in the hospital, and an extremely long road to recovery. 

Postpartum and diastasis recti
Postpartum and diastasis recti

Apologize for the graphic image! These images were taken 3 weeks after surgery, once my wound-vac was removed. 

Anyway, I share because every momma goes through their own pre & post-natal experience. No two births are the same. No two postpartum experiences are the same. It took me to 31 years of age to FULLY understand this. Many mommas jump to give advice. Yea, it mostly comes from a good place with well intetions; but I now realize how I know LITTLE about others and their individual birth experience. I’m only aware of mine! 

Since opening up, I have met 4 other mommas with postpartum laparotomy surgeries. One, I personally found and reached out to. The other three reached out to ME. They thanked me for sharing my story. I could NOT believe I made an impact in anyway, for others to reach me from around the world. Literally, I’ve spoken to this sweet momma who went through something similar from IRELAND! This also opens my eyes to worldly relationships. I value everything that I am learning from others and I hope I can continue to share some insight in return. 

Postpartum and diastasis recti

Diastasis Recti, by definition, partial or complete separation of the rectus abdominis, or “six-pack” muscles, which meet at the midline of your stomach. Diastasis recti is very common during AND following pregnancy. In “Mom terms,” it is that persistent “pooch” that lingers long after. 

I would like to note that it is NOT a tear, but a stretching of connective tissues along the linea alba (where the ab muscles meet). In MY particular case, I just had a double whammy with the internal hernia/laparotomy scar!

From what I’ve learned, it could take 6 months – 1 year for your core to regain full functionality. Some women recover well without even noticing, while others struggle and suffer with major side effects. For one, lower back pain and postural problems, difficult or persistent shallow breathing, constipation/bowel sensitivities and pelvic floor dysfunction/prolapse. Without going too in depth, the basic core is defined as:

  • The diaphragm, important in breathing
  • The abdominal muscles
  • The back muscles
  • The pelvic floor
postpartum and diastasis recti

Before I continue, I would like to note again that I am NOT a specialist or a professional. I am just a momma sharing my experience! Also, I am NOT receiving an affiliate commission for this next share. I truly found great success with this program and love every single bit of it. Katrina Oakley is a certified, postpartum corrective exercise specialist. Not only has she helped me significantly improve my core function, she has helped thousands of others do the same with proven testimonies on her page/FB group. No promo- Just LOVE! 

Check out her page here: Katrina Oakley

postpartum and diastasis recti

The images on the LEFT of each layout are from November of 2019. The images on the RIGHT of each layout are from April 2019. In addition to Katrina Oakleys program, I have taken a new venture into my own hands and found some amazing plant-based nutrition to help my healing also. 

Below is my absolute FAVORITE! Natural collagen that creates healthy skin from WITHIN, along with aiding in wound healing and supporting joints. Some natural ingredients depicted below, along with it being artificial FREE, Keto-Friendly, Soy-Free, NON GMO, etc. It does NOT have any of the chemical filler junk that you would find in a department store. 

Email me for my discount @ [email protected]

postpartum and diastasis recti
postpartum and diastasis recti

Some more favorites include a defining gel & stretch mark cream. MOM TRUTH: I’ve been left with stretch marks & cellulite for DAYS. Let’s be real mommas. After my first pregnancy, I tried countless creams and lotions. These are natural, healthy, clinically proven to get the job done. 

Defining Gel: Tightens, firms and moisturizes with a high concentration of Green Tea. It’s an intensive body contouring gel that hydrates the skin and firms areas such as the abdomen, back, legs, and upper arms. 

Stretch Mark Cream: Non-greasy moisturizing body cream with a powerful combo of nourishing botanicals to rejuvenate and hydrate your skin. Made with aloe vera, sunflower seed oil, lavender and more. RESULTS BELOW ARE AFTER ONLY 1 WEEK!!! I know. I couldn’t even believe it myself!!! THIS IS ME. NO FILTER.

Email me for my discount @ [email protected]

I hope you found some value to sharing my story. I am back DOWN to my pre-pregnancy weight, AND THEN SOME. I have regained a decent amount of my core and I can finally play with my children like a typical MOM! I LOVE hearing from others. Reach out ANYTIME mommas! [email protected]

Love your babies, do your BEST and reflect on your blessings. Have a great week mommas. Stay safe in these trying times!

postpartum and diastasis recti
postpartum and diastasis recti

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