Potty Training Tips

How I potty trained my toddler with these two fast & hard tips!

Hey Mommas! If you’re reading, you must be seeking potty training tips or at your wits end with the difficulty of TODDLER potty training! Well first, I am NO expert.

MOM TRUTH: I have struggled with it over the past year. Well, I pushed it off for quite a while and then had personal medical issues that got in the way. Regardless, I jumped on the potty training train a bit late. 

I would just like to share with you, exactly what has worked for us this past month!

potty training tips

# 1. Reinforcement/Incentives

Reinforcement was the #1 thing that worked for my son! Initially, we tried a sticker chart, sticker books aplenty, and even created a HUGE potty poster. Waste of time. 

We finally caved and tried the common M&M treat trick. It WORKED! He knew going pee-pee on his potty would give him two to three M&M candies (Don’t give too many because they will lose incentive after a hefty handful of sugar). ALSO, we ADDED to the daily reinforcement of one toy hot wheels car. Target sells hot wheel cars in like 20 packs. So, we literally kept the toy car stash in our pantry next to the M&Ms. 

Potty training tips
potty training tips

# 2. Consistency & Preparedness

Yes, this is a package deal. We TRULY had to stay consistent with our toddler and be prepared to handle the mess. Shopping tips & links below of how we dealt with this whole process! 

Quarantine has obviously kept us home for quite a while, so it’s certainly been much easier to stay consistent. This aspect truly does help with real commitment though on your toddlers side. 

Be prepared for the mess mommas. It’s not fun. We bought new couches last year so I was DREADING this aspect (plus I’m a freak with keeping things orderly). Anyway.. 


  • Be sure to have a mattress covering for your toddlers bed
  • Couch coverings! We literally bought these awesome quilted, washable bed pads for our couches! Link below! 
  • A chair potty with removable center for emptying. MOM TRUTH: We still currently keep this in our living room in front of the T.V.! Even his step-ladder potty adjustment is too much for him at the moment. Hey, DO whatever works! (We also have a little urinal, for which my son wants NOTHING to do with). Yep, he wants to go potty in front of the television. Pick & choose your battles mommas! : ) 
potty training tips
shop with me

If you make a purchase from below, I may receive a small commission (at no additional cost to you). I only ever endorse products that I have either personally used or truly believe in. I hope you can grow to trust and value these finds as I LOVE sharing with you mommas! Thank you for your support! Full disclosure here.

  • BabyBjorn Potty Chair! We have a different brand, but very similar as you can see in our personal picture. I actually would prefer this one though because of the splashguard. If you have a boy, this splashguard will come in handy, trust me
  • Premium Bed Pads (2 Pack) These are quilted, waterproof and washable! Perfect for covering your couch during this messy toddler-training time. (As seen in our personal pictures above)
  • PEEJAMAS. Let’s face it. Total night-time dryness doesn’t happen. Accidents are inevitable! Click the link below to try out these absorbent, adorable alternative to diapers/pull-ups for bedtime! Switching back & forth from underwear to night-time diapers can create confusion. Don’t stress about the mess mommas!
Shop Peejamas - The Cleaner, Cheaper Way to Potty Train


Know what your toddler WANTS. Use it to your advantage! Stick with what works. Here are some smaller “sub” potty training tips (if you will) to keep in mind before you begin the whole process. 

  • Ensure they are ready. Don’t force it aggressively or make it a job for them. This could create fear and we don’t want that mommas!
  • Begin this process when you have more time home than usual. Persistence is key. Commitment is key. Don’t feel defeated for moms who claim they can potty-train in 3 days. Every MOM experience is their own.  
  • Try not to get frustrated with accidents or the mess. Applaud your toddler for every ATTEMPT and highlight their great efforts. 
  • Have access to a potty they can utilize regularly and independently. (This is why we used the little chair in our living room. We knew our toddler wouldn’t want to go into the bathroom by himself every 25 minutes). 

Love your babies, do your BEST and reflect on your blessings. Have a great week mommas. Stay safe in these trying times!

potty training tips
potty training tips

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