Rockport, MA

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Rockport, MA!

If you’ve read my welcome post, you know we are Massachusetts transplants – thanks to the U.S. Coast Guard! Our first year here, we were SO beyond excited to explore so many places MA has to offer. Rockport MA was certainly at the top of this list.

Rockport is a small seaside town with LOADS of history. Today, it is still home to fisherman and artists aplenty. It almost has an eclectic vibe; in such a vintage, dreamy, romance novel type of way! There’s no question why we had to visit our first summer season here. 



Where do I begin? As we traveled to this gorgeous little fishing town, we were instructed to park several miles away and take a trolley into town. Not ideal, considering we had our young toddler at the time with a stroller. However, it turned out to be such a lively experience! Yes, we bundled up the stroller as best as we could and watched my sons face light-up as we stepped onto this old-school trolley.

Quaint, Fishing Town

Walking through this adorable town was totally memorable. It was filled with small shops, ice cream stores, seafood restaurants. You could practically smell the fresh lobster and old bay from the sidewalks. We were blessed with a light breeze; perfect weather, which of course always helps an adventure day. 

At lunch time, we landed at 7th Wave Restaurant. We sat on their upper/open deck and enjoyed Rockports incredibly fresh seafood! The view wasn’t bad either. Sarcasm to the fullest; as the view was nothing but open water & tiny sailboats anchored close to the shoreline!

“Rotary with a View” of Rockport MA

After, we took a stroll down to the Bearskin Neck rotary. Yet again, the view was mesmerizing. People were gazing at the rocky shore, taking pictures and listening to the sweet sound of a gentleman playing guitar. This spot is certainly one for capturing incredible photos!

On our stroll back to the trolley pick-up stop, we checked out some unique gift shops, toy stores and cafes. We couldn’t resist the homemade fudge and chocolates from Tucks Candy Factory. Our last stop was to an eye-catching Christmas shop. Yes, Christmas in the summer. I’ll never forget where I purchased one of my favorite little decorations; A black-lab Christmas puppy resembling our first dog, our beloved Nike. We wrapped up our items with hot coffee in hand and headed back for the trolley. It’s safe to say that my family and I enjoyed the new scenery. Certainly one to remember (So much that I can blog about it over 1 year later!) 

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1 thought on “Rockport, MA”

  1. Kelly Williams

    Beautiful day with my family at Rockport MA. I hope you all take time to visit with your families. Beautiful views, great shopping, awesome food and just a quaint little village to enjoy with your loved ones.

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