Salem MA Attractions

"Witch City"


Salem, MA is full of history, hauntings & attractions. Dating back to 1692, locals were actively practicing witch craft, also famously known for the Salem “witch trials.” There are currently various inns to stay at, often known for being haunted from the past. A popular park is open today for sporting events, Gallow Hills, which is deemed an old site for public hangings during the witch trial times. Also, the Peabody Essex Museum has an impressive collection of relics & artifacts to dive deep into the history of Salem! Not only is this town a completely unique site to see, Salem MA attractions are plentiful during the month of October! 

salem ma attractions

Our Day Trip!

We visited Salem, MA on an absolute gorgeous fall day. Weather is key to really witness the fall foliage! It was cool, crisp and busy with museums, ghost tours, ghoul sitings & other attractions. At first, I didn’t realize the town was practically oceanside, so the seafood restaurants nearby were a perk! There are plenty of great eats and unique shops all in walking distance. 

salem ma attractions
salem ma attractions

The town center is loaded with museums, shops & inns to even stay for an extended period of time. We first strolled passed the popular  Salem Witch Museum. (Didn’t enter because we had our 2 year old with us!) We stopped at a cute tavern for lunch in the center of town! Next, we strolled around town and checked out many of the unique shops. The town almost had an ominous, yet perfect fall-vibe! Trolley tours are offered, where Halloween themed actors walked amongst the town; adding an awesome, spooky touch

salem ma attractions
salem ma attractions

The Burying Point

This is SMACK in the middle of downtown. It is one of the OLDEST cemeteries in the United States. Wow. It was a chilling site to see. (Again, we couldn’t utilize the guided tour with a 2 year old.) However; guests are welcome to stroll through, quietly, on their own. Walking through this graveyard definitely gives you all the eerie “feels.” Surrounding this graveyard, you will find narrow passageways and cobblestone sidewalks taking you to other downtown points. We passed a wax museum, ghost tours, candle shops, etc. There is SO much to see. We cannot wait to take another day trip this fall. 

salem ma attractions
salem ma attractions
salem ma attractions
salem ma attractions

Other Salem MA Attractions

Salem Common

Salem Common is a large park in downtown that was utilized for military training drills back in the 1600’s. Commonly stated, “Forever kept as a training field for the use of Salem.” The grounds are beautiful. There is currently a playground, along with monuments to preserve its’ rich history. 

Before we left for the day, we HAD to stop at a popular sweet shop and stock on homemade, Halloween themed chocolates! (Of course.) Maria’s Sweet Somethings is a MUST before you leave!!

salem ma attractions
salem ma attractions

Salem, MA is full of beautiful vintage architecture that truly represents history and its’ past. Yes, some areas are now “modernized” to add FUN Halloween twists for children & tourists. It’s a perfect combination of both and we LOVED every minute of it. The “Spookiest City in the U.S.” did NOT disappoint!

BONUS Trip: Hocus Pocus House

If you are a Hocus Pocus movie fanatic at Halloween time like we are, this is a MUST see. Just because! It’s not quite walking distance with a toddler, but if you’re up for a 2 mile walk each way, then go for it! The address is 4 Ocean Ave! You’ll see other tourists taking their infamous pictures in front of Max Dennison’s house! 

salem ma attractions

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