Welcome Mommas!

my very first blog post!

Thanks for visiting my site!

This Is An Exciting Venture For Me & I Am Proud To Launch My Own Site For You. I’d like to welcome all mommas, friends or family!

For friends & family who personally know me … heyyy! For those who don’t- here is a little picture of my babies & I. It’s also posted in the About Me section where you can read a little more!

So I would say I am certainly one who LOVES to share my fun times with my babies, great meals and great finds, amongst other things. So I figured, I do this regularly anyway- why not do it on a personal blog? Right? Please know- I also love RECEIVING ideas/tips/tricks– anything and everything “MOM”. I love seeing updates from distant family as well, as we are a U.S. Coast Guard family currently living away from our home-state.

MOM TRUTH: New Jersey native. Massachusetts transplant!


I am excited to share things of value. Topics that hold truth to my core. I commit to keeping it real and sharing my MOM TRUTH moments! I’ll be posting at least 1x weekly. I’ll also be replying to emails for those who would like to reach out. Check out my contact page for more details and to join my weekly updates!

Check out my youtube channel, instagram & tiktok for correlated videos and posts. No- I’m not planning to monetize on Youtube and I AM aware of the COPPA regulations/changes for channels with kids content. Those who used to make big $ via recording their kids are bummed they cannot do so anymore. Hmm.. wonder why they stopped making videos. (sarcasm!!) So now you know, my videos and blogs are purely enjoyable for me to make memories with family, friends, and other mommas to share!  

Welcome Mommas!

Thanks for reading!
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